art galleries and coffee

On Sunday, I wanted to have a day of visiting art galleries and strolling around London, so we had a trip to Tate Modern museum. I hadn’t visited an art gallery in a while, and had been seeing quiet a few people visiting Tate lately on Instagram. I also thought it’d be a great way of getting some inspiration for some blog posts, insta content and just a wave of inspo in general as I was in a bit of a creative block lately.

We got off at St. Pauls underground station and did a 10 minute walk to the gallery, which was nice and the weather was luckily sunny (but still freezing). We did the walk across the bridge and got to the gallery entrance, while trying to dodge the avid tourists.

I didn’t have an exhibition in mind to visit in particular, but there were some pretty cool installations and structures here and there. I was pretty pleased to see a Matisse painting and the famous Claude Monet ‘Waterlillies’ paintings, which took me right back to doing A-level Fine Art.

After finishing off at the gallery, we stopped off at Gail’s Bakery just off the Neo Bankside of the Tate Modern for some coffee and some food.

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30 thoughts on “art galleries and coffee

  1. Art galleries and coffees are literally my favourite things in the world. I really like the Tate Modern and last time I was in the Tate modern I saw the William Blake exhibition and it was glorious x


  2. Amazing, I haven’t been to an art galleries before in my life and it’s seems so interesting and I will plan one soon. Lucky you to spend a Sunday on such a nice trip.


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