2019 GOALS

The ever so waited and hyped up New Year is finally here, and I remember writing my 2018 goals post, and it definitely does not feel like a whole year ago! I love New Year goals and the energy surrounding January, as it’s a fresh beginning and a new start!

This year I want to focus on a variety of goals, like practical ones, such as do this, go here etc, but also setting myself the goal of focusing on myself as well. I love setting goals all the time, but I don’t pressure myself to tick them off, as they are just something I like to work towards and look forward for!

  1. Read more books! This year I’m setting myself the goal to read 20 books. For some it may not be a lot but I find it hard to read when I have uni, as the last thing I wanna see is more text after writing essays and reports! I feel like I will be able to read 20 books this year as, I already have a growing stack of to be read list in my stash but also planning to order more books too! To help me achieve this goal, I want to read one classic each month and by the end of the year, collect loads of the classic books. Not gonna lie, the only reason I want to do this is because the ones with the fabric covers are too beaut and aesthetically pleasing and I want to collect as much as I can!

2. Plan a nice summer holiday! I love a good summer holiday and I’m determined to make 2019 one as good and fun as last years! Another goal that goes hand in hand with this, is to travel to somewhere new in Turkey! I love exploring and finding new places to travel to in Turkey and I want to travel to somewhere new this year!

3. Start learning French! I actually started this, but haven’t done much and just forgot about it, but I want to start learning French as a 3rd language. I obviously won’t be fluent at French whatsoever, but I want to start somewhere.

4. Be ahead of uni deadlines! There’s not much to say about this, and I’m actually happy that I am already on top of deadlines!

5. Make content I love for my instagram and blog! I have definitely found the type of content I love making and producing throughout the last couple months of 2018 and the ‘vibes’ I love!! I can’t wait to create new content this year!!

6. Discover new music! One thing I love about having Spotify is how easy it is to discover new music and artists! I really want to broaden my music taste and discover new artists and their music!!

7. Grow my Instagram! Instagram is definitely my most used app and I love it for creating memories, and feeling inspired for content! I set myself a goal of hitting 3.5k on Instagram by the end of this year. It’s obviously not all about the numbers, but creating content for a platform and not growing on it, is disheartening and thanks to insta forever updating their algorithm, makes it even harder to grow on it! You can follow me from HERE! 🙂

8. Be more active and engaging on Twitter! I realised I never use Twitter really other than for scheduled tweets, so I’m hoping to be more engaging over on there too!

That’s all for my 2019 goals, hope you enjoyed reading this post and I’m so excited for the year ahead! Comment down below, what are some of your goals for this year?

Ayse Merve! x


12 thoughts on “2019 GOALS

  1. Love!! I have a lot of similar goals: I want to spend more time and find more joy in creating content for my Instagram (I’m at @annielikeswordsblog, shameless self promo lol) because I want it to feel more like fun and less like work.


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