Five Good Things

I realised I haven’t done a ‘Five Good Things’ post in a very long time and a lot has happened ever since, and I was very much in the mood to write a chatty blog post today!

  1. Finally the Christmas break!

I’ve been looking forward for this Christmas break from uni for what seems like forever!! Year 2 of uni started off very busy and a lot of assignments all at the same time, so I was literally counting down the days for my break to do the bare minimum and just chill out.

2. Achieving some new year goals! 

I’m always the one to set New Year goals at the beginning of the year, as I believe it motivates me and drives me to be productive and look forward to something! I’ve managed to tick off some of my New Year goals, such as get myself a MacBook, have a GREAT summer and loads more, which I’m very glad for!

3. Winter Wonderland!!

It was one of my goals to visit Winter Wonderland this year, as I’ve been meaning to go for the past 2 years but didn’t get a chance to! I finally visited it yesterday with my cousin and it was the BEST!! We did ice skating there and it was just so much fun skating during sunset under the Christmas lights with some festive tunes in the background! I posted a lot of it on my insta stories and saved it on a highlight too incase you want to check it out; HERE! 

4. Having a lot of chill days! 

I love me a good slow, chilled out day that involves multiple cups of hot beverages, a good book, YouTube and movies with a candle lit scenery! I’ve been having a lot of these lately as its my holidays from uni and it honestly feels so good and refreshing!

5.The run up to the New Year! 

The last couple days of the year are always so exciting and full of joy and happiness! I’ve been doing a lot of organising and decluttering of my stuff lately, which I always do around this time of the year as it feels so refreshing to step into the new year with a tidy and organised space.

Hope you all enjoyed reading this blog post and comment down below some of the good things that have happened to you lately!

Ayse Merve! x


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