My December Goals


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It is officially the last month of 2018… where has this year gone though?! I’m in the full Winter mood, got all the cosy jumpers, scarves and bobble hat out and lighting candles as soon as it hits 3pm, to be honest I’m not enjoying early dark nights as much when I’m out and about but it is really cosy at home. It’s December 2nd as I’m writing this and my YouTube subscription box is already full of Vlogmas videos which makes me very excited even though I don’t do Christmas. It’s time for the last monthly goals post of the year and before you know it, my 2019 goals and resolutions post will be up!!


  1. Make the most of this month and all the festiveness! Even though I don’t celebrate and do Christmas, I just love this time of the year, its so cosy and festive and full of joy. I really want to visit some Christmas markets this month and theres always loads around London. My cousin and I are planning to go Winter Wonderland which I’m mostly looking forward for and so excited about so that should be very fun as well!
  2. Make a 2018 Scrapbook! I’m such a sentimental person and I love all things creativity. For the past 2 years I’ve been doing a summer travel journal for my summer holidays which involves photos, polaroids, receipts, tickets and loads of washy tape and so I really wanted to create one for 2018 as well, but a bigger one! So I need to go through my memory boxes and pick out the things I want to scrapbook, print off photos, and buy the supplies for it.


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3. Reflect back on my 2018 goals and start making a list of all the thing I want to achieve during 2019! I’m definitely one of those people who makes goals for everything and anything as I believe that it motivates me to stay on track of things and actually have something to look forward for. I’m going to try and make it as realistic as possible, as theres nothing worse than being put off by your OWN goals a month into the new year!

4. Enjoy every bit of this last month of 2018! Not much to say about this tbh, other than I’m going to try and make a memory out of everyday throughout this month and just cherish it!


These are my goals for this months and I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post! Comment down below some of your goals for the month!

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51 thoughts on “My December Goals

  1. I love your goals. Mine are simply to enjoy quality time with my family and hopefully have no more trips to hospital with my kids for the remainder of the year!!


  2. I love filling my scrapbook, it’s so nice to look back over!! This year has gone super fast, I can’t believe it is already December x

    – Charlotte /


  3. I think I’ll be making a list of all my goals for 2019 too. I don’t usually write all my goals down, but I’m going to start. I have a lot of writing goals for the month of December.


  4. Thank you for sharing. Your positive energy is contagious! I started my blog in August and haven’t set clear goals. I want to try setting clear goals with steps to achieve them. I agree that goal setting can be motivating. What a great sentiment to try to create memories daily 🙂


  5. You’re goals are great and definitely achievable! I went to Winter Wonderland last year and I loved it! I went to the Manchester ones a few weeks ago and felt so festive 😊 literally I had a fake Christmas dinner today so I’m making the most of being festive this year! I hope you have an amazing end to the year x


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