Autumn To-Do List

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Hello crisp and colder months, hello darker mornings and early evenings… It’s that time of the year again ~finally~ where I start to make a mental list of all the fun and AUTUMNAL things I want to do within the next 3 months or so as its literally the best time of the year!! I always love October till December as you get to be in full cosy mood, the leaves on the trees turn into a lovely orange-y/red colour and its all just a beautiful scene really. However, one thing I do dislike about these months is having to make it to a 9am lecture in THAT cold weather in the busiest tube ever at rush hour.. deffo not so fun and cosy in my opinion. Back to the more fun and autumnal things I want to get done this year, I feel like last year I couldn’t do much autumnal activities and days out as I hadn’t known what uni was going to be like, so I’m hoping i’ll make the most of these autumnal days this year!!

  • Burn as much as autumnal candles I possibly can! 
  • Collect conkers, acorns, pine cones, leaves.. you name it for those autumnal flatlays and decorations around my room!!
  • Go on autumn walks in parks. 
  • Make autumnal drinks. 
  • Go see couple movies in the cinema!
  • Explore as much as new coffee shops as possible around London!!
  • Do an autumnal photoshoot around London. 

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  • Have cute cosy nights in.
  • Read 5 books! 
  • Get baking.
  • Start thinking about some New Year goals.
  • Have a halloween movie night marathon.
  • Try pumpkin spice latte… yes I have never had a PSL before!
  • Definitely have several cups of hot choc!! 
  • Wear as much as CUTE autumnal outfits! 

These are my list of things I want to get done within the next couple months, hope you enjoyed reading this post and comment down below some of the stuff you want to get done this autumn!

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81 thoughts on “Autumn To-Do List

  1. I need to start baking again too! Perhaps I should write a list like this so I remember to do all the things I’ve thought of xx


  2. Definitely need to try out PSL one of my favourite autumn drinks but because I’ve given up caffiene I am looking for alternatives. Any suggestions?

    With regards to London coffee place one of the most controvesial coffee shop near London Bridge is called fuc*coffee check it out it is real and quite instagrammable apprently 😉.

    Kaye –


  3. Your Autumnal list looks really cool Ayse. Interesting to know what books you plan to read as I too myself need to do more reading.

    Hope you get to tick a lot of these off 🙂

    Johnny | Johnny’s Traventures


  4. I am loving the sound of Autumn! I love the whole autumn orangey vibes – especially with the seasonal foods and such. Good luck with your to-do list this season. You have to try out PSL for yourself! Some people don’t like it but don’t get turned down by that :).

    Nancy ♥


  5. I miss autumn so much after reading your post. It’s spring where I live so it’s pretty warm outside which means I’ll probably be doing a lot of outdoor things these next few months. I still loved reading this post though!


  6. Such a lovely autumnal to do list, I love this time of year with all the gorgeous colours. I need to start collecting items for my flatlays too! Will be adding some of these to my list x


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