Five Good Things

I’m finally back to blogging after a month of not posting anything on here… it felt like forever (!!!) I wanted to start a new series on my blog where I share a couple of good things that are happening or has happened in that month or so, a bit like a chatty catch up, and compile them in a blog post and share with you lovely lot. This post is actually inspired by Kate La Vie and her ‘Five Things’ posts. I’m still not quiet sure of how often I’ll do these posts but maybe every month or so, I’ll see!

1. Finished 1st Year of Uni – as mentioned above I have been MIA for the last couple weeks on here and that was due to me being superrrr busy with uni assignments and essays, however as your reading this IM ASSIGNMENT FREE (!!!) My first year of uni is all done and dusted today as I submitted my last year 1 essay yesterday! My summer break starts today and this also means tonnes of new content to come here on the blog and my Instagram now that uni is over.

2. Getting back into blogging – I’ve planned many blog posts for the summer months and I’m v v v excited to get back into posting content as I’ve missed it a tonne. I’ve never really stuck a proper long term schedule as uni and assignments kept getting in the way. However you can now expect a blog post from me twice weekly and many Instagram content (make sure your following me on there, there’s a link above, also I’m pretty close to 2k as well!) Along with producing many content I’m also going to be putting out content that I really enjoy myself as there’s nothing worse that putting up content just for the sake of it.

3. Started reading a new book – I feel like all of these points are going to be me mentioning how busy uni made me, however I’ve got back into reading and I’m loving it really! I’m currently reading ‘L’art de la Simplicité How To Live More With Less’ by Dominique Loreau. I’m usually one that goes for novels, but this book seemed very interesting and it’s about how to minimise your physical possessions as well as that effecting you mentally. If your into organisation, minimalistic lifestyle then this book is great for you! Will report back my thoughts when I finish it.

4. Being more creative – My summer holiday has officially started today and during this summer I want to get back into my sketching, arts and being creative. I’m going to journal way more now that I have time to and also have time to actually do fun stuff to journal about. I’m going to get back into my botanical sketching, drawing and watercolour prints.

5. I have been in a spring clean mode every now and then when I found time from essay work and I’ve actually decluttered and organised my stationary stash, desk space and bookcase. All that’s left to do is file away my uni documents and work (YAYAYAY) and re-jig the makeup draws and bring forward the spring and summer esque products!

That’s all for today’s blog post and I hope you enjoyed reading it. Comment down below couple good things that are happening for you right now!

Ayse Merve! X


66 thoughts on “Five Good Things

  1. That book sounds really interesting!! I’m gonna have to check it out for myself.

    Good things that have happened to me are quite similar to yours, I read a really good book (my latest blog post) and also got my first blog sponsorship!! And outside of blogging I’ve got less than a month until I go to Italy and less than 3 months until I move to London!

    Thank you for this post, made me think of all the good things happening in my life at the moment!


  2. Congratulations on finishing your first year of uni, great work! Good luck with getting back into blogging, I can’t wait to start again soon when I finish my second year.

    Faye Jessica |

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  3. I definitely need to take a leaf out of your books and start planning posts for summer – I’m just so awful at planning, I just spontaneously write my posts! Glad to have you back posting though.. 🙊

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  4. I LOVE having a Spring clean, my birthday is coming up but I’m not overly excited for this month because I have an exam at the beginning of June! I have so many good things to look forward to after that though! I’m so jealous of you being assignment free though, make the most of it won’t you!- x

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  5. Such a lovely post, I’m nearly finished my assignments for my second year and then it’s Summer for me too, which is great cause Summer is great at getting to be creative again. Congratulations on finishing your 1st year too!

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  6. Well done on finishing your first year of uni! I love that you are getting back into art. I’d love to find some time to sketch again! Make the most of your summer holiday, they go very fast!

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  7. I’m still in the middle of my exams and so jealous of everyone who has already finished uni for the year! I can’t wait to get back into blogging more often and finding new content. Good luck! x

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  8. congrats on finishing first year! I am going to be finishing my second year at the end of the month! Make sure you enjoy your summer holidays! x

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