December Goals // 2017

It’s finally December… only less than a month to go till 2018, HOW CRAZYY ??! I’ve been super busy recently with uni and I kept setting myself small targets and goals here and there to achieve weekly and it gave me an idea to make a blog post about my December Goals. I kind of have a feeling I will make this a monthly thing in the new year just to set myself some small achievable goals here and there as I love looking forward for something and finally being able to ticking it off from my goals list! Enough said onto the actual goals now.


  • Read 2 books – it’s so easy to get caught up with life and being busy all the time and not taking the time to read can be forgotten sometime. I always say I don’t have time to read however I do know I can make the time to read so my aim is to finish 2 books this month.
  • Meet all uni deadlines for this month – December is jam packed with uni assignment deadlines and so far I’m on top of my work however I want to successfully meet all my deadlines.
  • Visit Winter Wonderland – I’ve always wanted to visit Winter Wonderland during this time of the year and I’m going to make it my goal this year to actually go with friends or family!
  • Buy makeup separators and organise my makeup drawers – This is a very random one but it’s been on my TO – DO lists for ages but I just never got round to actually placing an order of makeup draw inserts and properly organising my makeup drawers so during Christmas holidays I definitely will!
  • Put up at least 10 Blog Posts this month – I made a blog schedule for this month and a list of all the blog posts that I will be posting however couple days into December and I already couldn’t keep up with it. So I’m aiming for at least 10 posts for this month!
  • Keep up to date with my scrapbook album – I keep a scrapbook of all my photos with my family and friends and as I start to collect photos on my phone I print them off (with FreePrints) and then stick them into my scrapbook and eventually make a diary of all my fave photos with my fave people, I still have photos to stick down and yet to place an order of more photos so I’m aiming to be up to date with my scrapbook.
  • Visit Hobby Craft – Its my mission to visit Hobby Craft during my Christmas break to buy some blog post background and props as I really want to up my blog photography game in the new year!
  • Plan every single post of January 2018 – My goal is to plan all of my January blog posts during this month and even start shooting and writing some of them. I have a little something planned for the month of January for my blog but still not sure about it so I will finalise that and start writing New Year posts!
  • Declutter and organise my desk drawers and bookcase – If you know me you know I LOVE a good declutter and organising, whether that’s my wardrobe or makeup drawers, I love tipping everything out, throwing some bits away and re organising it. It’s also a pre spring clean which is always great to be ahead of yourself!

That is all of my small goals for this month ahead of me, what are some of your goals for this month? Hope you enjoyed reading this post and comment down below some of your goals for December!

Ayse Merve! X


22 thoughts on “December Goals // 2017

  1. I’m also thinking of planning my January posts! And one of my goals is to stick to my 3 posts a week schedule. It’s soooo hard tho! Great goals list!

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