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Finally hopped onto the Glossier bandwagon and gave in and placed an order after hearing OH SO MUCH about Glossier and their simple yet amazing products (!!!) The whole Glossier brand is gravitated towards the ‘no makeup, makeup look’ and their tag line is actually ‘Skin first, makeup second’. Glossier has finally started shipping to the UK and they actually have a warehouse in U.K. so there is no custom charges what so ever. There’s also free shipping on all orders over £25 on their website which is just a BONUS (!!) Glossier actually had a pop up store here in London in Marylebone Regent Street and I actually did pop down there to swatch their products and see them in real life. The showroom was very beautifully designed and the interior was v sheen, v pinky, V INSTAGRAMABLE (!!) You can also use my link HERE TO GET A 10% OFF OF YOUR FIRST ORDER (!!!)

So let’s move onto the actual products itself, I haven’t properly tested the products itself on me, as I’ll be doing a full on detaileddd review couple weeks down the line this is more like a haul of all the products I brought! The products come in their famous pink pouch and 3 of my products came in a pink pouch which came in a white Glossier box as I purchased a set, which I’ll talk about it in more detail! I actually placed an order on a Thursday and chose the standard shipping option and my products arrived on Saturday so on the 3rd day which I think is great as the shipping was free.

| Balm Dot Com – Cherry |

I’ve heard so much good stuff about this product and all of their other Balm Dot Com scents/flavours. It’s said to be a balm for anything.. lips, cuticles, hands, elbows simply anywhere. I gave it a little sniff and it smells I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E (!!) It actually reminds me of those lip balms and glosses that I had during my childhood with the rollerball at the end! I was expecting this to have a more runny texture, but it’s actually quiet solid and you have to properly squeeze the tube to get it out! It’s a pinky red I’m colour and I’m so excited to give this one a go!

| Perfecting Skin Tint |

I heard mixed reviews and opinions on this product as many people mistaken it for a foundation with coverage, however apparently it’s actually a very sheer tint that evens out your skin tone which doesn’t actually have any coverage! I was really stuck whether if I should get this or not as when I swatched it in the showroom, it basically felt like water with a slight tint to it but it definitely gave a dewy and glowy effect which I think is what pushed me into purchasing it! I think this will be perfect for days when I want a little something but not full on foundation face and that makes me look healthy in some way or another! I got the shade ‘Medium’ however I think I could of done with ‘Dark’ as well as it’s a little light for my skin tone however I always bronze up anyway so I think I’d get away with it!

| Stretch Concealer |

Again I was very torn between buying this product or not as I’m not a cream concealer type person I always go for the liquids! There’s always a thing with cream concealers that makes you think it will be very cake-y under the eyes and hard to get out the pot. However it’s totally the opposite with this stretch concealer, it almost gives that wet look on your skin while still giving light to medium coverage and it’s super build-able as well! Another thing that convinced me into buying it was the fact that it came in a set called ‘Phase 2 Set’ along with their Boy Brow and a Generation G. Buying the Phase 2 Set means you purchase all 3 products together and it comes to £8 cheaper, you also get it sent in a cute box as well which is re-useable! I’m excited to give this a go and see how it works with the Perfecting Skin Tint!

| Boy Brow|

Glossier’s Boy Brow is their number 1 best selling product which says a lot about it to be honest, which makes me have high hopes for it! Boy Brow is initially a tinted brow gel which has a tinyyy applicator at the end of the wand. On the website it says to brush the wand upwards in tiny strokes to give your brows that natural feathery looking effect! I brought it in the shade ‘Brown’ as I naturally have really dark and thick brows.

| Generation G – Crush |

Glossier’s Generation G lipsticks is a famous one too, it looks dark and highly pigmented in the tube however I swatched it on my hand and it’s a rather sheer bit gives you the colour and tint and it feels very hydrating and moisturising. I really want to try out other shades of their Generation G’s too!

Hope you enjoyed reading my little haul of the Glossier products that I have brought and in a couple weeks time I will do a proper review once I’ve tested them out properly!


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  1. That lipstick is the most beautiful shade! I’ve been dying to try out Glossier but I’ve heard such mixed reviews! I think I’ll definitely be picking up some of their skincare though!

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