An Autumn Tag

It’s mid November and I’m only getting round to doing an Autumn Tag post, all I could say is I’ve been really behind with autumnal posts but hey ho I’m still doing one nevertheless! I’ve really wanted to do a post answering questions relating to all things autumnal and fall related, I mean just imagine yourself -with a cup of tea or coffee, on a rainy day, snuggled in blankets, reading about all things autumnal- YES THATS EVERYONES DREAM,, BUT BACK TO REALITY HUH ?! Yes I’m one of those people who’s gonna say ‘omg I lurveeee Autumn it’s like my fave season evaaaa’ but like yes seriously, I do love autumn and yes autumn is one of my favourite season and what’s better than talking about all things fall related in a blog post!

1. What signifies the start of autumn for you?

Definitely when I start to feel cold outside, it’s just the best feeling knowing the season of layering up is ahead. Also, the leaves turning orange and when they start to fall, when I put up my small autumnal trinkets out along with my autumnal candles!

2. Do you have any autumn traditions?

This ones really not a proper tradition but somehow it always happens around the same time of the year. So me and my cousin would do a little ‘Autumn photoshoot’ where we basically take LOADS of autumnal pictures that day ranging from cute selfies, ‘candid’ shots with autumnal trees in the background, the classic foot in a pile of crunchy leaves shot and also couple polaroids pictures as well, somehow we always do this within the first 2 weeks of October throughout the past 3 years.

3. Still silent nights or rainy wind blown days?

100% rainy wind blown nights, their just the BEST NIGHTS to stay home and read, watch movies and just have all the cosy feels! Also sleeping to the sound of rain is very relaxing too!

4. Favourite autumn colours?

Obviously all tones of berry, brown and that mustardy yellow shade oh and along with the DARK RED!! If those colours don’t scream autumn then I don’t know will!

5. Favourite thing to do on a rainy day?

Definitely read with a good cup of tea/coffee, journal whether that’s scrapbooking or doing some sketching, baking 100%, watching YouTube or some good movies and blog post writing!

6. Fave autumnal cosy outfit to wear?

Black jeans, an oversized cosy jumper, black oversized denim jacket, burgundy tartan scarf, block heeled chelsea boots and if I’m feeling a little extra with a pair of clear glasses!

7. Autumn outdoor activities?

Exploring London whether that’s cute cobbled streets and coffee shops or the most touristic areas of London and taking loads of photos!

8. Autumn indoor activities?

If I have stuff to do then getting work done, but other than that it’s just reading and doing nothing all day!

9. Fave autumn scent?

A rich apple-y cinnamon-y spicy scent 100%!

10. If you could spend autumn anywhere else where would it be?

I love London during Autumn but definitely somewhere colder than London maybe like Edinburgh!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post and comment down below what are your autumn traditions, I’d love to know! I won’t be tagging anyone in specific but I’d love to read your blog post answering these questions too!

Ayse Merve!


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