It was a beaut day here in London last week Saturday and I headed down to my local park and spent couple hours just chilling, sketching and enjoying the weather. Obviously I had to take advantage of this weather had take some nature-y pics because that is literally all I ever photograph (!!!) I wanted to do little photo diary, day in my life kinda post but also presenting my photos from that day! I’m planning on doing loads more posts like this with snaps from here and there showing what I get up to during my day! This post involves heck lot of nature, greens and trees aka my faveeeee, hope you all enjoy it too (!!!) 




Hope you enjoyed this post, comment down below if yi you’ve would like me to do more photography style posts and these are my actual faves to do to be honest! 
Ayse Merve! 


19 thoughts on “17.06.2017

  1. You know what I don’t do enough? Embrace nature. These are not only beautiful pictures but it also makes me miss London. Before I went, I never thought of just having a day of waking through the parks. 🙂

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