Mini Banana Pops 

Okay summer is like here well if the sun decides to stay in London then it will be, and I’m well and truly in the summer mode; wearing summery clothes, eating summery things and all that jazz (!!!) It definitely is ice lolly weather at the moment and let’s be honest we all try to be that little more healthy in summer, and I’ve recently found my love for frozen fruit and what better way than combining it with chocolate just to make it a little bit more fun and yummy!! These Mini Banana Pops are the best snacks/ice lollies whatever you like to call them, for these sunny days as their super easy to make and perfect for on the go treat!  

You will need: 


* A Banana (I made mini pops so one was enough)

* Bar of chocolate 

* Pop sticks 

Let’s start! 

Step one: Peel your banana and cut it into small slices about 1cm thick. 

Step two: Take your pop sticks and carefully stick them into the slices of banana being careful not to go all the way in as that might break the banana slice. 

Step three: Prepare a tray lined with baking paper to place the pops ready to go in the freezer. 

Step four: Snap your bar of chocolate into little pieces. 

Step five: Place some water into a saucepan and pop into on the stove.

Step six: Take a heatproof metal/glass bowl and place onto the saucepan of water making sure that water does NOT touch the bowl! 

Step seven: Place your snapped chocolate into this bowl and stir slowly until fully melted! At this point the bowl can get very hot so be careful! 

Step eight: Once all the chocolate is melted, get your banana pops that you prepped earlier and cover half of the banana slice with chocolate and place onto the lined tray! 

Step nine: Pop this in the freezer for about half an hour to an hour until set! 

and ENJOY !!! 

These banana pops are perfect for this time of the year as they work great as ice lollies but just a healthier and mini version and taste so so LUSH (!!) 

Hope you enjoyed this post and comment down below if you will make these too, and what other kinds of food-y posts you’ll like from me! 

Ayse Merve! 


56 thoughts on “Mini Banana Pops 

  1. This is the cutest snack ever!! Also, I recognise the pattern on this chocolate, is it from Asda? Its the nicest chocolate to exist #chocolateaddict #irecognisemychocolate xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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