Fruit Ice Cubes

Now that summer is approaching we all need to remind ourselves to drink enough water to stay hydrated and healthy. Drinking water can be very forgetful at times and also boring, but unless you add a few fun bits into it. In this post I’ll be sharing with you how to make drinking water fun with these fruit ice cubes. 

You will need: 

– handful of raspberries 

– couple mint leaves 

– handful of blueberries 

– handful of blackberries 

– around 5 tiny lemon slices 

– water (obviously) 

– large ice cube tray

I haven’t stated the actual amounts of each ingredient as it all depends on the size of the ice cube tray as some may hold more than others. 

1. Lay out each ingredient and decide which combinations you want to make amongst the ingredients, (my personal fave is lemon and mint, raspberry and mint). 

2. Add the ingredients into the ice cube tray being careful of not to over flow it so there is enough space for the water. 

3. Top up with water and freeze for minimum 4 hours or overnight. 

4. These will work great with any other drinks like lemonade or other mock tails as well as just water. 

Hope you enjoyed this post and it was some what helpful. Comment down below if you’ve tried anything like this before or will make this. Tweet me photos on (@aysemerveblog) if you make these! 

Ayse Merve! 


92 thoughts on “Fruit Ice Cubes

  1. This is so creative, I never thought of it before! And the ice cubes look super cute and I can only think how good they’ll look in a glass of water / syrup. I think I’ll need to make something like this too! 😍

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  2. Such a great idea! Usually I leave my lemon and cucumber in a jug overnight so the nutrients can soak into the water. Another good frozen idea is freezing grapes and using them as ice cubes in wine. My aunt does it and it doesn’t water down the wine 🙂

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  3. It’s something so simple yet brilliant! I’ve never actually thought about doing that before but it would be great for the good weather and a great wee treat for my boy and I think he would be deeply fascinated by fruit in ice haha. Thanks for sharing!

    Jordanne ||

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